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Material World and Quiet World

There are two worlds.  One world is Material World. Material World urges me to do something from the moment I wake up till the bed time. Without do...

A Growing Plant

It grew from the ground, and builds the height one step at a time, one leave after another. Each leave is special and related to another. Each leaves grow without pressure, not in rush. It sprouts when it's ready. 

Making Peace With Yourself

A good movie doesn’t age. I watched the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ again and it is still good (as good as the first time). After the movie, I was ...

Mindful Cooking

One of my friends said 'cooking is like,, my meditation'. All the worries and thoughts go away once he starts cooking. 

Gratitude Practice

When we practice gratitude, it changes our mindset from focusing on what’s missing to what we have already. It's a simple mind switch to create abundance and happiness in life. However, are we doing it right?

How To Get Peace of Mind In Chaos

We start the day with good intentions. As the day goes by, things get busy, and don't go the way we expected. We face an unexpected problem or deal...

Top Picks - Books For Mindfulness

Here are some top picks for books about mindfulness. These classic books in mindfulness inspire many readers worldwide to live more mindfully.    1...

Why Mindfulness Matters?

When we get this idea not from our rational thinking but emotionally from our heart, our lives and perspectives will change completely. Life. is. short. It's too short to waste on worthless feelings or thoughts..

How To Live In The Moment

It seems that recently life is busier, more complex, and more chaotic. Thats on top of the incredible amount of information our minds process. Acco...

How The Habits Significantly Reduce Your Stress?

With this fast moving life, we can't help ourselves but stay connected with what's going on with the world. From the moment we wake up till we go t...

How to Live More Mindfully?

We all naturally want to feel happy and satisfied. We want every day to be fulfilling and be meaningful. To many, it is a pursuit that sounds dream...