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Count Your Blessings

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Gratitude, Mindful Living, and Happiness: How They're Connected

Gratitude, Mindful Living, and Happiness: How They're Connected

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can improve your overall well-being and increase your sense of happiness. When you practice gratitude regularly, you become more aware of the positive things in your life, which can help you to feel more content and satisfied.

Gratitude Symbol Bracelet for Reminders & Mindful Living

We forget living a good life is simpler than we think. A good life is about paying attention to present moment and creating moments more meaningful by our conscious actions and thoughts.

and It starts with gratitude - gratitude for opportunities, gratitude for learning and failures, gratitude for precious people around us, and so on. 

Consciousness and Beyond From TV Show 'undone'

undone by amazon Recently, I watched a show,'undone' from Amazon. It's about a girl practicing time travel to find who killed her father. But in t...