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Finding Joy Not Rushing

Finding Joy Not Rushing

Lipstick and Love by Denise Prince

We are in a rush most of time.

We eat in a rush to be full. We cook in a rush to eat. We walk in a rush to arrive.

We are always rushing and heading for another goals. It's continuous.

What we do often a means to an end. So, we rush. 

One time I was hungry and I wanted to eat specific food that I can only make (can't get it from delivery or takeout). So I started cooking. When I was cooking, all I could think about was the first bite I'm going to eat and feeling full from the food I was craving. It was suffering. In my rush, I even burned my hands. After finished cooking, I rushed to put the first bite in my mouth.

Hm. It was disappointing. The taste was not what I expected and it was not cooked thorougly- some parts were cold, some parts were warm. and I lost my appetite.

In that moment, I thought wouldn't it be better if I took more time? After all, the food was not only the taste or feeling full but the process of making it - my own taste. Rather than rushing to complete it, I could've spent time to check the temperature. If I had bite before, every bite of food can be more divine experience. 

I realize I do this often thinking beyond the current moment. 

Finding joy is not catching the rainbow somewhere nor from achieving the greater deal. Focusing on the activity I'm doing now leads to greater joy.