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The Whole Earth is Medicine - Koan

Nobis-Marianne Hendriks

<Nobis by Marianne Hendriks>

From the practice of Koan today :

Medicine and disease correspond to each other. The whole earth is medicine. All the sensory experience we have is medicine. Without wounds, there's no healing. Then, what's the disease? where is your real self? who are you? 

Maybe we are misunderstanding ourselves which cause more suffering?


When we feel pain, we find the living as hell and want it to go away. But, when we feel good, life is a blessing. 

When we feel pain, why the pain is so painful and not going away easily? maybe we are addicted to the pain or the ego becomes greater to sacrifice anything even though it can be self-destructive at times? or maybe we are having misconception of ourselves. Our true self is clear and pure being with good intention but temporarily it's contaminated by whatever the external factors which cause confusion.

One takeaway for me is to actively look for medicine when we feel pain. What kind of blessing and cure are we surrounded with and how can we activate it and savor it more?