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Create The Space

somewhere over the rainbow by Kasia Derwinska

<somewhere over the rainbow by Kasia Derwinska>

The thoughts and feelings come and go. It’s natural. One day we are full of energy, everything is on track and exciting. The next day everything goes down hill.

We are weak. Once negative emotions and thoughts take over, we struggle and get sucked into the rabbit hole. But, we are also strong because we have the power and intellect to go through and even to be much better than we were before.

But we need to work for it. We can’t rely on thoughts and feelings to be positive every day because it will never be, but we can plan for bad days. ‘The space.’
Magic happens in the space. The space doesn’t require us to travel — no car, no walk, no getting in line. Because it’s at our home. It can be a chair or a cushion on the corner of our room. When you are in the space, only good things happen. Our mind gets quiet. We start listening to birds outside or deeper to ourselves. We smell what’s around and we feel what’s touching our skin. In the peaceful space, anxiety disappears and there are only good thoughts that unfold and we feel alive. It’s the space where we create magic.

In the space, every minute is gold, priceless. It can’t be bought. It’s heaven in our head. Only good things happen here. We think about happy memories, daydreaming, and all the good things we forgot we have. It’s full of blessings.
The best part of the space is we don’t need to wait. It’s available anytime whenever we need it.

Do you have the space? What’s the space look like for you?