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Bath Treatments

Mindful Zebra connects bath and classical elements - Earth, Water, Fire, and Air to create a intimate space where anyone can be authentic. The classical elements come from the concepts of ancient Greece to explain nature and complexity of matters.

To us, we take a bath and be authentic. 

All four bath treatments support detoxification of body and ingredients are made of all natural, organic, and non-toxic. We put together the ingredients related to the elements and energy in some extent. 

Earth has purpose of feeling grounded. Bentonite clay helps to detoxify skin while frankincense soothe mind and body.

Water is to let mind flow. Kelp works on detoxification while eucalyptus cool mind and body to let things flow.

Fire is to energize by spicy ingredient like ginger for detoxification but sooth at the same time by cinnamon smell. 

Air is to pamper body by softening skin from Milk while chamomile & lavender calm mind.  

We use ingredients that are pure, earthy and benefit to our body & mind at the same time in a simple way.