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Material World and Quiet World

There are two worlds. 

One world is Material World. Material World urges me to do something from the moment I wake up till the bed time. Without doing anything, I get anxious. I fill the void with things. Things give temporary comfort or distractions but they disappear quickly. One after another I look for things. I get bored, and tired easily. So I look for more things.

The other world is Quiet World. There are no ads, no splashy things in Quiet World, just me with a blank canvas. But it’s hard to be in the zone of a blank canvas. Material World is trying to break in. Within 20 minutes of entering Quiet World I hear the hum of Material World in my head, hundreds of chattering voices demanding to be heard. One thought connects to another and my mind is wondering around with a feeling of helplessness, searching for something sweet to fill the guilty void.

Quiet World admits only masters of the mind. It requires skill and experience to keep the balance. The balance is to enjoy the present moment while I also need to let go others. It’s hard. Sometimes I get lucky and a few minutes I'm in the zone. There's deep feeling of peace, and joy that I can't feel or even close in the material world. Even the great movie can't touch that deep. It's like having goosebumps all over my body from thrill of joy deep within. Yea, it sounds weird but it's true. 

While time in Material World is fleeting and hollow, time in Quiet World persists of deep realizations and brings new meaning to life. I've got everything to be the happiest person in the world right now. I don't need another thing to tell me what I might've missed. There's nothing missing in my life. I've got everything I need already.