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Mindful Cooking

Mindful Weekend - Cooking & Gratitude

Like sun goes up and down every day, weekend always comes every week. It's necessary to have weekend. We can wrap up the week either sleep more, eat better, work out, and just r.e.l.a.x mind. During the weekday, how many of us actually slow down and feel relaxed?? 

When you have 2 generous days of anything you can do, what do you choose to do? When weekend comes, I have a few routines like watching netflix documentary or pixar movie first thing in the morning lying down on couch on Saturday. Then, the first question I ask is 'what am I going to eat!' Besides wowing my taste buds, a good food makes me feel happy but there's more in cooking. 

My friend says 'cooking is like,, meditation for me'. All the worries and thoughts go away once he starts cooking. 

Cooking can be more interesting and fun if we pay attention about the process, the journey from prep to finish. From the start, pick out fresh ingredients from local grocery, bring it to kitchen, unwrap, clean and get it ready for cooking.

Cooking is a joyful experience.

Think about where all the ingredients come from - people who have worked hard to take care of vegetables, transport to the grocery and people who opened a shop nearby and run the business so we could get food so conveniently..  It's amazing not only because of a delicious finished dish but also the thinking and thanking the process and people involved.

Also, cooking awakens our senses to be pleased (imagine beautiful red pepper, smell fresh squeezed lemon, taste a little salt and perhaps there's a good jazz playing or favorite podcast playing on the background). As good as it gets!

As it's getting chilly in new york, soup, hot food, and mulled wine sound good! 

What are you having this weekend?