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Why Mindfulness Matters?

Life is short and tomorrow is not promised. 

When we get this idea not from our rational thinking but emotionally from our heart, our lives and perspectives will change completely. We would realize we just can't waste our today with all the negative feelings, stresses, or complaints. 

Life. is. short. It's too short to waste on worthless feelings or thoughts..

"The trouble is, you think you have time." - Buddha-

We are busy and almost too busy just living through a day.

How many times do we really think and have intention of trying to make the most, best life possible today? feel grateful for what we have and what we achieved already? have some time to think about how we are actually doing? are we neglecting or blocking the thought of how we are doing because we have no time to think? We may convince ourselves if we have more time - we would drink a nice tea and contemplate life. or we may feel too stressed that can't even think about the big questions. 

What if today is our last day of living?

Then, we probably don't want to delay the answers to the question - how can we live and spend today best possible? It's important question to answer. because we want to define what it is so matter to us that we should care enough than anything else?

It's hard to create urgency and have urgent feeling everyday. What we can do is to practice taking time for ourselves everyday before bed or first thing in the morning. Whether that's meditation, taking a bath or sit quietly, take time/having mindful time for ourselves. and do things that matter for ourselves now. Today.