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How The Habits Significantly Reduce Your Stress?

With this fast moving life, we can't help ourselves but stay connected with what's going on with the world. From the moment we wake up till we go to bed the busy outside world clamors for our attention.

When we are stressed, we can be tempted to look for distractions to avoid the unsatisfied feeling. But distractions only work in the short term, temporarily. While more difficult, we are all capable of another intentional response to stress.

How many times in a month do you take time to ask ourselves how we are doing? How often do you intentionally respond to your human emotional needs?

It is nobody's intention to live in a bubble filled with stuff, distracting ourselves from our emotions. We can use our precious time in better ways than that.

Here are some habits you can build at home that will reduce your stress by creating space and time for yourself. 

Instead of ceiling lights, light a candle

Darkness creates a quiet environment. When you can only see the one candle light, you would feel all the thoughts in your head are gone and just be in the moment looking at the flickering light.


Instead of alcohol, enjoy a cup of night tea

Instead of alcohol, try a night tea with no-caffeine. Sipping a warm tea can be very soothing when you are stressed.


Instead of TV, turn on calmer music

TV makes our mind more busy and interrupt sleeping as well. Try calmer music on the back ground music and do the suggested activities here. A great speaker helps to create vibe that you want to be in. 

Instead of going out, taking a long bath

No one can deny power of a long relaxing hot bath especially in chilly weather. Give your body and mind break at the same time.

Instead of chemical fragrance, try essential oil

You can get benefits from essential oil. The simple way to start is to add a few drops of your favorite oils in diffuser and smell the pure nature in your home or put it on your hands and rub it.

Instead of a tweet, write a journal

Writing can be therapeautic sometimes to release your stress on paper. Write anything that is in your mind. Write down on things that make you happy like next trip planning or how you feel about right now. 

Instead of watching a video, read a book

Read completely different categories that you don't normally read. If you usually read non-fiction, try fantasy or a good novel. A good book can nourish your mind more than anything.