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Consciousness and Beyond From TV Show 'undone'

Undone Amazon Block Consciousnessundone by amazon

Recently, I watched a show,'undone' from Amazon. It's about a girl practicing time travel to find who killed her father. But in the process of practicing time travel, she does this exercise.

The exercise is about her consciousness is not bound to physical body but beyond. There's a scene that her dead father explains about consciousness with toy blocks. We are living in the world surrounding with objects. The objects are numerous toy blocks. From our eyes, it can be grill cheese we love, people we love, or personal experience. However, when we look at it from above, outside, it's just bunch of same blocks (which is just objects). As we live, we pass by the objects. It helps her to understand her consciousness is not by physical or mental state but it can be more. 

So, she practices to 'be the sky' above all the surrounding objects. 

This made me think of my meditation practice. When I look at a thought as an object, it's not personal or negative. It's just an object happen to be there at the moment. It will pass. When we feel everything is temporary in the end, there's no need to be attached too strong one way or the others.. Because it's temporary in the end. 

The question is when we are living in this temporary moment by moment, what is actually matter? It's not thinking about the past or the future. Because this moment in the end is everything we have. There's nothing more or nothing less.

If we truly understand this, this can simplify life and we can make better decisions.