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How To Live In The Moment

It seems that recently life is busier, more complex, and more chaotic. Thats on top of the incredible amount of information our minds process.

According to researchers, an average person processes 50,000 - 65,000 thoughts a day. Can you believe it? That's a lot of thoughts going through our heads each day. Is it any wonder that people feel distracted - that we can find it difficult to focus?

The realities of modern life aside, we don't want it to overwhelm us. Life is short and if we don't live in the now, where and what do we live for? 

Here's 5 concepts I learned that help me to shrug of chaos outside and live in the moment.

1. Awareness 

Wherever you are, practice awareness; choose to live in the moment.

It's surprising how much our lives are comprised of routines - evolution's "low power" mode. Routines allow our bodies to operate at higher efficiency. The unfortunate by-product is that it is all too easy to become a passenger to our own lives.

Being a passenger is a waste - we must remind ourselves to tune into our lives and find joy in what we're doing.

instead of thinking about something else that doesn't serve me at the moment, I remind myself to be aware. For example when I am working out in gym,  I try to listen to my breathing, to sing along with the music, and to observe and acknowledge the people around me. I feel this helps me appreciate what I am doing.

2. Acknowledge/ Appreciation 

How many times do we acknowledge what's around us? The sound we are surrounded with or the room we are in. Look around. Look at the color of the room 'how calm it is', look at the sky, 'how blue it is'. You will have a lot more appreciation than before.

3. What else is there

This is where we often go into the stream of thinking. Think about what's in your mind now. Many thoughts, concerns, things to do list, etc. 

4. Practice Alert Awareness

You become the observer of your thoughts. When you have some thoughts in your head, just aware that you have it. You don't have to be hard on yourself about the distraction but tell yourself you have the thoughts and it's okay.  

5. Awareness of suddenly being alive

It's time to move from thinking to feeling. You practice observing the environment and yourself. Now, feel the awareness. It's a little deeper practice but it's more powerful than thinking. This is the anchor to stay present. When you feel, you feel alive. Without this anchor, your mind can be easily distracted to something else.