100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder ⁠- USDA Certified, Premium Ceremonial Grade, Vegan - MINDFUL ZEBRA

100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder ⁠- USDA Certified, Premium Ceremonial Grade, Vegan

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Details: Indulge in every cup of authentic, ceremonial grade matcha green tea straight from the renowned farms of Shizuoka and Kagoshima. Hand-picked from the first harvest, we work with small-time tea farmers who spent decades of heritage perfecting the craft of cultivating the finest green tea leaves. So passionate with their craft that these farmers even sing and speak to green tea leaves - ensuring that their journey yields to their perfect, unparalleled matcha taste. An exquisite bond between the farmer and nature, to bring you nothing but an unforgettable flavor with every cup. Flow smoothly into the relaxing and calming aroma of this ceremonial grade green tea brewed to perfection by the third generation Master of Tea from Shizuoka. Bringing together a team of small-scale artisan farmers to cultivate green tea leaves from the finest tea estates, we shield green tea leaves from direct sunlight three weeks prior to their harvest time to boost chlorophyll content. This is why Tea Ceremony gives you the most vibrant and fully-flavored ceremonial grade green tea perfection with each pack. Naturally containing catechin antioxidants called EGCG, each cup of this matcha green tea brings you more than an aromatic sensation. Known for its ability to combat oxidative stress, EGCG aids in (1) maintaining a healthy metabolic rate, (2) strengthening your immune system and cardiovascular health, (3) keeping your LDL or bad cholesterol levels low and (4) keeping your blood sugar regulated. With its L-theanine content, enjoy a more upbeat state of mind, a zing of energy and an increased mental focus without the jittery effects you get from regular caffeine consumption. Each matcha green tea pack is processed with low heat to preserve its optimal grade. Each Tea Ceremony pack is served with unparalleled quality and a distinctive bright green color and rich flavor due to being nitrogen-flushed.


  • 100% ORGANIC MATCHA STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN - Made from the first harvest, hand-picked tea leaves organically grown in Kagoshima and Shizuoka tea estates. We work with local small-scale farmers who perfect the intricate craft of growing and cultivating tea leaves to create the perfect matcha taste. Perfect for matcha enthusiasts looking for a more flexible flavor range while enjoying its sweet, full and nutty first-harvest taste.
  • TEA FOR A SOUND MIND AND A SOUND BODY- Naturally packed with L-Theanine and catechin antioxidants EGCG blends, each cup of matcha green tea shields you from oxidative stress and lifestyle-related diseases. Feel replenished with each aromatic cup enriched with L-theanine to give you a more mentally focused, energized mood without the usual energy decline you get from your regular caffeine binge.
  • CERTIFIED TO GIVE YOU NOTHING BUT PERFECTION - Our farmlands are certified by the United Nations as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS). One of our tea farms proudly received the Prime Minister's Award, the highest honor in agriculture in Japan. All Tea Ceremony leaves are grown free of GMO, gluten, insecticides and harsh farming chemicals of any kind.
  • UNPARALLELED QUALITY - The number one catalyst that decreases the matcha's quality is oxidation. To ensure that we give you the finest quality of matcha green tea, we keep our tea leaves in the shade for three weeks before harvest time to boost their chlorophyll content. Each pack is meticulously nitrogen- flushed to preserve its vibrant green color and rich, nutty flavor without compromising its quality. Ceremonial grade matcha green tea: grown, dried, aged, packed and served to perfection.
  • CEREMONIAL GREEN TEA WITH SATISFACTION IN MIND -Tea Ceremony believes that each cup of matcha green tea is much more than indulgence and relaxation. We ensure that every pack brings you consistent remarkable quality for your personal tea time. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, please reach out to us immediately. We will give you your money back or send you a free replacement, on us.