Why Stress is Bad for You?

Stress is worse than you think. Beyond the fact that it is an unpleasant emotion, stress can have several serious side effects. Here are a few of the top side-effects of stress:

1. Depression

Stress can enable negative emotions. Stress can lead to depression or anger issues for some because it can make it difficult to control the symptoms of those emotions.

2. Headache

If you are susceptible to migraines or frequent mild headaches stress can bring them out.  

3. Stress can be Contagious

Your stress is contagious. Even if overt symptoms of stress are not aparent, people give subtle cues to those you're close with to indicate you're stressed. It can cause your significant other to be stressed as well. Even though you don't express your stress, they will know and it can lead to tension in the relationship if it goes on too long

4. Weight Gain

Stress can also lead to bad eating habits. Stress can trigger your basic instinct to seek out food you might otherwise avoid like cookies or donuts. If this happens often, there would be consequences which can lead to another stress.

There is research that stress shortens telomeres so that new cells can't grow as quickly. This causes aging such as wrinkles, weak muscles, etc.

5. Heart Problems

Stress hormones increase your heart rate and tighten your blood vessels. This forces your heart to work harder, and increases your blood pressure. If this gets too serious, this leads to heart attack.

5. Weakening Immunity

Stress can release catecholemines, hormones that help regulate your immune system; prolonged release of these hormones can interfere with their ability to do that. Also, stress damages telomeres, which are genes that help immune cells reproduce.