Self-Care Tips : 4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself at Home

Self-care doesn't have to be a big event. A study said we become happier when we practice a little self-care everyday. So, how can we take care of ourselves on a daily or weekly basis to give more love to our body, mind and soul? 

1. Skin care


Every morning and every night take your time to treat your skin. It doesn't need $400 cream to be treated. Be intentional about products you use (for example, pick a facial cleanser that you feel really good about or scent that makes you happy). A little intentions about daily skin care routine goes a long way!

2. Body care

Self Care AT HOME : Tips

Taking a long shower or bath works best for body and mind together. While you are physically relaxed, your mind gets more creative. Many good thoughts happen when you are relaxed and people have great ideas during their shower. Going further, apply body oil keep your body moisturized and feel amazingly soft. 

3. Mind care

Gratitude Journaling Self Care AT HOME

If 45 min yoga or long meditation is not for you, how about try 10 minute stretch next to the bed before sleep or right after wake up? or 5 minute breathing practice? Also, many people get benefits from writing journal every day (usually at night). It is a great way to observe and organize your thinking, and mood.

4. Scent Therapy

Self Care Aromatherapy at Home

Either putting a few drops of essential oils in a diffuser or spray calming mist on your body and face helps to calm and refresh the mind. During midday at work, before sleep, right after wake up, Scent Therapy can be easily integrated into life. 

When our body, mind and sense become satisfied, we feel more relaxed, happy and be creative. Especially when you are busy or your mind is everywhere, be intentional about self-care everyday. (Self-care is not selfish!) It prevents burn-out, tight muscle, and high stress. 

4 Self Care Practice At Home

How To : Daily Gratitude Practice 

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