Navigating Life Through CoronaVirus

Corona Virus

I don't get anxious easily, but with what's happening in the world these days, it can feel like things are out of control.

During this hard time, the best thing we can do might be reading, drawing, writing, or learning something new. While we can't be with our friends in person, we can take time for ourselves.

Arts + Gratitude 

For fun, I collect art on Pinterest boards based on a theme like balance, love, and compassion to inspire my everyday practice. I especially like this Gratitude board collection. 

Coronavirus has given me perspective. For example, when I used to go grocery shopping (like a whole week ago), I had no fear of picking up the grocery cart, picking up vegetables, fruits, or lining up for payments, or taking the elevator. But now, every step comes with more caution and discomfort. Are there any others we took for granted before?

I have a feeling that every action from here out will come from a new perspective. And for that I'm grateful. New perspectives introduce opportunities for growth. While most of the changes are unwelcome, I do appreciate the opportunity to reflect on those changes and look forward to the chance to re-emerge from this better and more grateful for the freedoms we will have. 

Inner Growth

These days, I’m reading more books, and do daily meditation because it's helping me to ease anxiety, pay attention to more positive feelings and use more of the intellectual part of the brain than being consumed by scary news. 

In some ways, this is a perfect time to strengthen our conscious mind and seek more joy internally. It's time to stop postponing self-growth and make it a part of daily life.


If you are looking for some resources related to finding peace, balance, mindfulness, gratitude, and meditation, especially during times like this, I recommend checking these out:

insight timer app

Tara Brach

waking up by Sam Harris

Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality by Anthony De Mello


Be well and stay safe!