Mindful Travel Destination : Wellness Retreat in El Silencio Lodge & Spa Costa Rica


I recently visited El Silencio Lodge & Spa in Costa Rica and wanted to share the experience because it was inspiring. The land, nature, weather, birds, people, hiking, spa, and food were all memorable and rejuvenating. I have no commercial relationship with the place and this is just a personal review. 

Pura Vida! When you meet people in Costa Rica, they say hello, goodbye, or no problem ending with Pura Vida- Pure life. Recently, Costa Rica became a popular destination for retreats and yoga. If you are looking for a recommendation for being away from the modern world and immerse yourself in nature, I recommend El Silencio Lodge and Spa in Costa Rica.

Here's a few highlights of El Silencio Lodge & Spa. 

Location - Cloud forest.

The El Silencio Lodge is located close to a big national park. The property is built in 500-acre land and has various trees, birds and clean water that you don't need to drive and go somewhere else but stay and enjoy nature as it is. It has own 3 waterfalls, a round trip about 2 hours from the reception desk and beautiful hiking trails along the water and well-maintained forest. From San Jose airport, it only takes 1 hr 30 minutes which is doable. 





Each villa comes with its outdoor jacuzzi hot tub where it's private surrounding with trees, water, and mountain. Every morning you get fresh-squeezed orange juice to deliver in the morning and hot chocolate in the afternoon. (there's almond milk or coconut milk option for hot chocolate!)

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Food and drinks

Great food. They have 2 trout farm in the property which brings fresh trout dish and salad. All the foods were locally sourced, fresh and well flavored to please taste buds. Also, the best places usually come with the best coffee. Their costa Rica coffee with the french press was strong, and full-flavored taste which was memorable. Even the local craft beer is high quality - the strong, original flavor. 


The spa is one of the highlights in the place. You walk 10 minutes from reception in a nice hiking path along with the water in the forest, you get to this beautiful zen garden-like space where there are an open forest yoga deck and massage rooms. Some massage rooms come with an outdoor shower where you can take a hot shower after relaxing massage listening to birds and water sound in the forest with a slight cold air. (The best!) The massage was professional from the beginning to the end. After the massage, drink herbal tea in the forest to appreciate a relaxed body, tea, and birds sound. 


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Mindful Hiking and Yoga

They have a mystic walk/hiking accompanying with a guide for 2 hours where you see hummingbirds garden and 4 elements walk; water, fire, earth, and air. The program corporates well mindfulness practice with hiking. Morning yoga is a great addition to stretching and breathing practice. 

El Silencio Lodge Spa Retreats Costa Rica

What I like about El Silencio Lodge & Spa :

1. All the above!

2. Sustainability certified - it means the hotel helps boost local people and economy. They hire local people, bring food and products within the community and the lodge also supports a local school every year. 

3. Happy employees and happy business. 

4. Respect nature. 

For more details, see here. Pura Vida!