How To Relax

Well Relaxed

How do you relax?

We are often pondering better ways to work, but do we do we consider better ways to relax?

As stress from work piles up, our practice for re-centering has real consequences, for our health, work, and relationships. Mastering the art of managing our stress means we are better at our work, build more lasting and rewarding relationships, and help us maintain our physical and mental health.

To many of us, relaxation amounts to little more than distraction. We distract ourselves from thinking about work. We binge watch Netflix. Self-medicate. Or even work at home but somehow convince ourself we are relaxing because we're doing it in front of the TV. Even though we enjoy our work so much, we can't work 24/7. We will eventually burn out and the recovery is usually more costly than prevention.

We work hard because we want to be happy and have a good life. We can still have a good life while we work hard. Don't wait too long for the good moments because life is too short for that!

Here are some ideas how to relax well.

Put time aside

    Our brain is still working although we said we are taking a break. But when we put a hard line and say next few hours, I'm going to fully engage with my relaxation whatever activity it can be. Setting a time can be helpful so we don't worry about anything else but just focus on time we decide for relaxation. 

    Reconnect with nature

    Being in nature, seeing greens naturally relax our body and mind. Give your body and mind break and fully relax surrounding yourself with green, peaceful scene and slow pace of beauty, what nature can bring.


    Running at gym or doing yoga gives you distance from busy mind and put focus on body which is extremely helpful sometimes. It's great for health. Also, sweating is energizing and relaxing at the same time.

    Practice Mindfulness

    Whatever you are going through, the power is within you. Once my dad said, the hardest fight you will ever have is against yourself. I can't agree more. That's why mediation, having quiet time alone to relax and refresh our brain is necessary. Whatever the form it could be, when you are able to master yourself, you have nothing to be afraid of. :)

    Surround yourself with happy environment 

    What we see, what we smell, what we listen, what we touch all influence on how we feel. How can you make your surrounding to be the best of yourself and feel happier and relaxing? Look around and make small changes and improvements if necessary to create environments that you love.

    Try Aromatherapy

    Our sense of smell can be used to help us relax. We tend to neglect how our senses inform our unconscious mind. Our brains are hard-wired to form relationships from our senses, including our sense of smell. Being mindful of our subconcious mind and how we react to particular smells, we can use our hard-wired instincts to bring joy and mindfulness into our lives. Try Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense or Citrus aroma on aroma diffusers or any forms it might be to relax. It will surprise you!