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Aromatherapy and Stress Relief

How to apply Aromatherapy for stress relief? Here's some lists you can try.

1. Refresh the air

In order to change your mood, consider changing your environment. We may not realize it, but the air we breath is filled with complex smells that our brains naturally relate to our experience. If we want to put ourselves in a different mindset, start considering ways to refresh the air in the space we are.

Diffusers are a popular aromatherapy treatment to create a new environment in a space. It can be effective device for soothing our emotions by adding special aromas that we can relate with a positive emotions. 

Its also important to consider environmental quality outside aroma. For example if you have a dry room, consider using a humidifier. Some diffusers include lighting, and sound effects which add to creating a comfortable, relaxing environment. 

2. Take a bath

Not only bath by itself is comforting, but adding aromatherapy to your sacred time can further deepen your relaxation. Make your body and mind relax at the same time.

3. Light a candle

At night, light a candle and have relaxing scent soothe your mind and please your eyes as well. 

4. Inhale aroma

Carry your go-to aroma at work or everywhere. Whenever you needed it, inhale deeply and be in the moment or get rid of temporarily anxiety.

5. Aromatherapy meditation

Before meditation, spray the room or rub body oil on hands and neck to leave the aroma during meditation and go deep with breathing.

6. Aromatherapy eye pillow

When things get really stressful, let everything go. Lie down, use aromatherapy eye pillow to relax your eyes and face.

7. Spray your yoga mat

Before yoga, spray your yoga mat with aromatherapy oils to help set the mood. If you are looking for uplifting, use a citrus based aroma. If you are looking for grounding experience, use frankincense to bring an earthy note of calm to your focus and practice.